Discover new TripTip's feature “Add Hotel or Apartment to Stay”

#Product Discover new TripTip's feature “Add Hotel or Apartment to Stay”

Travel planning often comes with the challenge of navigating unfamiliar cities efficiently. To address this, TripTip introduces a transformative feature in our journey planner: the ability to explicitly add your hotel or apartment to your itinerary. This ensures that your trip is tailored to your accommodation location, optimizing your journey to both start and end at your lodging. By doing so, each day's travel becomes more logical and time-efficient.

Streamlined Itineraries from Start to Finish

Traditionally, travel itineraries assume you’ll begin each day from the city's geographic center—a point that rarely aligns with your actual place of stay. This often results in inefficient zigzagging across the city, wasting time that could be better spent exploring. TripTip’s new feature recognizes this problem and changes how your routes are calculated.

By starting and ending each day at your hotel or apartment, your journey becomes smoother and more organized, as you return to a familiar and convenient endpoint every evening. This ensures that your daily explorations are maximized, and your travel time is minimized.

Real-Time Route Optimization

Consider planning a trip to Milan, with a hotel located on the north side of the city. Traditionally, your itinerary might begin from the city center, leading to inconvenient backtracking. However, with TripTip’s new feature, once you enter your hotel address, the platform recalculates the route to ensure that both the day's start and end points are optimized. This minimizes travel time and reduces fatigue associated with navigating a new city.

Streamlined Itineraries from Start to Finish

How It Works

Here's a look into how this feature functions:

  1. Enter Accommodation Details: Input your hotel or apartment address when creating your trip in TripTip. This becomes the starting and ending point of your daily explorations.
  2. Instant Optimization: TripTip’s AI recalculates each day’s route to ensure you start and end at your accommodation. This guarantees logical daily travel patterns that are personalized to your interests and preferences.
  3. Dynamic Adjustments: Should you decide to change accommodations or explore from another location, TripTip adjusts the itinerary dynamically, ensuring it's always optimized no matter where you stay.

Benefits Beyond Logistics with defined Hotel

Benefits Beyond Logistics

By starting and ending each day at your place of stay, you gain a travel plan that’s aligned with your needs and preferences:

  1. Enhanced Efficiency: Reduce travel time and enjoy more time experiencing your destination.
  2. Customized Experiences: Align each day’s route with your location, ensuring comprehensive exploration of nearby attractions.
  3. Maximized Comfort: Enjoy a daily return to a familiar, convenient endpoint that reduces travel stress.

Proven Impact

Testing this feature in Milan revealed significant improvements. Instead of unnecessary backtracking, routes became efficient and logical, enhancing the travel experience. Data shows that in over 80% of cases, incorporating accommodation significantly improved itineraries, resulting in time savings and a more enjoyable journey.

TripTip optimizisation with specified hotel details


With the “Add Hotel or Apartment to Stay” feature, TripTip optimizes your travel planning experience by ensuring each day starts and ends at your accommodation. This commitment to efficiency and personalization exemplifies our dedication to delivering a seamless travel experience that truly begins and finishes at your doorstep.

Plan your next journey with confidence by leveraging this new feature, and let TripTip craft an itinerary that’s as convenient as it is exciting. Discover how travel planning can be smarter, simpler, and more aligned with your personal needs.

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