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How it works
Tailored Travel Plan
In just one minute, receive a detailed itinerary made just for you.
Comprehensive Planning
All essentials, from popular spots to hidden gems, are included.
All-in-One Interface
No more app switching; maps and routes are integrated for convenience.
Creating your first trip
Create Trip screen
Step 1
After a quick authorization, you are taken to the Create Trip screen. Enter your city, travel dates, and a list of your interests. This information will allow us to create the perfect travel plan for you.
Create Trip screen
Create Trip screen
Create Trip screen
Step 2
Your travel plan is ready! Click “Edit & Optimaze” to improve your itinerary. You can swap locations, add new ones from the map or from the list of alternative locations. You can even change the dates of your trip.
Create Trip screen
Step 3
You can now download a pdf version of your travel plan. Your itinerary will always be at your fingertips, even if you are without internet access. You can also share your itinerary with a travel partner.
Create Trip screen
Create Trip screen
Instant trip planning at your fingertips
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