Introducing our innovative AI journey planner

#Restaurant guide Introducing our innovative AI journey planner

When planning a trip, the conventional process often leaves travelers grappling with a mishmash of disconnected activities and locations. The outcome of a tedious process? A jumbled itinerary and a suboptimal travel experience.

We're excited to introduce our cutting-edge web application that empowers you to craft your dream vacation like never before. Presenting the all-new platform for creating custom travel itineraries based on your unique interests and location geo-coordinates.

Create your perfect trip

Personalised Itineraries in Minutes: Say goodbye to generic trip templates. Every itinerary is crafted to fit your unique preferences, considering attractions in your chosen city that align with your interests. Everything is optimised by geo-coordinates, significance, and travel distance through our product engine.

Real-time trip generation

During the itinerary creation, which lasts approximately 1 minute, watch locations spring to life on a map and in a sidebar, offering a sneak peek into your impending adventures.

Explore key aspects

An organized sidebar presents all you need to know about your trip, systematically sorted into tabs such as:

Introducing our innovative AI journey planner

  1. Overview: Acquire knowledge on highlights, recommendations, local culture, food, safety tips, and laws – all essential for a well-informed traveler.
  2. Weather: Stay prepared with weather forecasts and essential closing tips.
  3. Budget: Acquire a fundamental budgetary outlook to ensure a smooth financial voyage.
  4. Hotel: Refine your route by entering your accommodation specifics

Comprehensive Trip Details:

The essence of your trip - Journey tab. It visually illustrates each day's locations, their addresses, corresponding interests, and recommended visit durations. Importantly, a Summary view indicates the cumulative total visit durations. Once users finalize the locations for a specific date and hit "Show route", the Summary view updates with the total travel time and distance for that day.

Joyner planner example

AI Assistant: Your Intelligent Travel companion

Let our product engine fine-tune your route grounded in your stated interests, geo-coordinates, and priority. Desire to append a location? The AI reconfigures the most efficient path instantaneously.

If you prefer to fix a location solely to a given day, utilize the 'Pin' feature; this ensures the automated adjustment process doesn't reschedule that spot to another date.

For hands-on adjustments, activate the Manual Mode (by disabling AI assistant) and manually modify locations either within or across days.

Map view: Dive deeper to the attractions

Our interactive Map display brings your itinerary to life. Locations are color-coded for easy identification, and daily shifts are seamless.

Trip plan example

Each location has a brief overview as well as helpful tips for travelers.

Route example

Click the "Show route" icon to display the day route on the map.

Route example

Select the line linking two destinations to access Google Map, complete with diverse transit options.

Alternative locations are always around

We understand the need for spontaneity. Encounter additional attractions aligned with your interests that you can smoothly incorporate into your journey.

Introducing our innovative AI trip planner

As part of our commitment to a flawless user experience, we'll soon be integrating payment methods for standard subscription, unlocking the product's full potential. Stay tuned as we unveil even more exciting features!

Ready to embark on a journey tailor-made for you? The world is waiting, and we are here to transform your travel experience. Craft your dream vacation today, and let the adventure begin!

At, your journey is our priority. With our innovative journey planner, craft your adventure, your way – start planning now!

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