Personalized Routes from Your Stay

#Restaurant guide Personalized Routes from Your Stay

We would like to present our second blog post, which dives deeper into the innovative features of your journey planner,, that enhance the travel experience.

The problem:

When creating a new trip, the journey will always start from a city's geographical center. While this seems logical, it often results in impractical routes for travelers. Why?

Because a city's geographic center rarely matches your hotel or accommodation spot. Hence, you end up zig-zagging across town, wasting precious vacation time.

The solution:

Our team has developed a game-changing feature that revolutionizes your travel plans. Instead of starting your journey from an abstract city center, our service recalculates the most efficient routes based on your actual accommodation location. This not only saves time but also enhances your travel experience by kilometers and hours!

Real-world scenario: A Trip to Milan

To demonstrate the power of this new feature in our trip planner, we put it to the test with a 3-day Milan trip:

The Original Plan:

We created an itinerary for a 3-day trip to Milan, starting from its geographical center. The generated route, while covering all the iconic spots, required traveling from south to north, then south, then west of the city - looks good, if you do not take a hotel located on the north into consideration - this gave us a less than ideal travel pattern. See the screenshots posted below.

Trip Accommodation |

Example 3 day itinerary |

Factoring in the Hotel:

Next, we inputted a hotel address. Within moments, our engine recalculated the entire journey, optimizing the route according to the hotel as the starting point. You will see a dark icon with a bed in the top left corner of the screenshots posted below.

Trip Accommodation | Summary details view in AI-based trip planeer

The Results:

When comparing the two itineraries, the difference was like night and day. The new route eliminated unnecessary travel, saving both time and energy for the traveler. This updated itinerary prioritized locations, ensuring that the traveler moved in a logical and streamlined fashion. This was a significant improvement over the inefficient zig-zagging of the original route, which occurred when the hotel's location was known but not factored into the journey calculation. Interestingly, the Summary view indicates an increase in both total travel time and distance. There's a logical explanation for this: as mentioned at the beginning of the article, if the hotel isn't defined, the starting point defaults to the city center's geo-coordinates. When observing the index of locations, it's evident that each day begins at attractions closest to the accommodation.

Route example |


Enhanced Travel Efficiency:

Our feature not only prevents travelers from navigating inefficient routes but also recalculates journeys based on accommodation, ensuring a smarter and personalized travel itinerary. By allowing users to input their hotel location, we prioritize traveler's convenience, offering a streamlined experience.

Proven Value through Research:

Our study, including Milan's sample, shows that in over 80% of cases, incorporating the hotel location significantly influences the suggested itinerary. This data underscores the immense value our feature provides to travelers.


In conclusion, when you plan your journey, we believe that your travel experience should be as seamless and enjoyable as possible. This new feature ensures that your itinerary is not just a list of must-visit places matching your interests with an abstract start but a carefully crafted journey tailored to your starting point. So, the next time you set out, don't just visit; travel smart!

Remember, with our platform, you're not only discovering destinations but also the most efficient way to experience them. Happy travels!

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