Chinese Restaurant Near Me: A Travel Expert’s Guide

#Restaurant guide Chinese Restaurant Near Me: A Travel Expert’s Guide

Have you ever gone on a flavor-filled adventure? Many folks just like you have fallen head over heels for Chinese food, a yummy treasure chest of tastes that has won the hearts of people everywhere. Isn't it fun when we grab our phones and search for a "Chinese restaurant near me" because we just can't wait to dive into those scrumptious dishes?

Chinese food is like a rainbow of tastes: Every place in China gives your taste buds its own yummy story. Maybe you'll try a spicy Sichuan dish or a sweet Cantonese barbecue. The choices are endless!

It's a mix of the old and the new: Chefs take recipes that have been around for hundreds of years and make them in cool, new ways. They're making dishes that give a nod to history but are also fresh and exciting.

A party for your senses: Chinese food isn't just tasty. It's a whole show! Imagine the bright colors of veggies in a stir-fry, the "tssss" sound of meat dancing in a hot wok, and the cozy smell of garlic and ginger. Every dish is like a work of art.

It's all about balance: Just like in Chinese philosophy, their food is about finding the perfect mix. One bite might have the cool crunch of veggies and the warm zing of sauce. It's all about that perfect food balance.

And it's not just food—it's a trip through China's amazing history and culture. Every bite tells a story about the places and people of China.

This is just the start of a delicious journey that's perfect for anyone bitten by the travel bug and who wants to join the worldwide love of Chinese food. It's more than filling up your belly; it's about getting to know a culture through its most loved language—food. So, let's get ready to explore and find the best local spot for a taste of this famous cuisine!

Chinese History Through Its Culinary Journey

Ready for a fun adventure to find the yummiest Chinese restaurant around? It's like a treasure hunt, but instead of gold, you're after some seriously scrumptious bites that tell the tale of China's rich history. Every mouthful is like a storybook of flavors, taking you back in time to where it all began.

Long Ago in a Busy Kitchen Let's hop into our time machine and zip back over 3,000 years to ancient China. Imagine you're in a kitchen where the chefs are super busy. There's sizzling meat and yummy herbs that have traveled through time just to end up on your plate today. Pretty cool, right?

Spices from Faraway Lands As time went on, each new ruler in China brought something new to the table—literally! The famous Silk Road wasn't just about trading fancy silks, but it was also the go-to route for spices. These spices came from lands far, far away and added a pop of flavor to Chinese food that's still there today.

Feasts Fit for an Emperor Now picture the fanciest dinner you can. That's what the emperors in China had. They enjoyed big feasts with lots of dishes that looked and tasted amazing. It was like a big food party every day, showing off how creative cooks could be with their recipes.

Simple Home Cooking Not everyone had big banquets, though. Most people ate simple food that was still super tasty. It was all about the fresh stuff they grew, like rice, and the fish they caught. These meals weren't fancy, but they were filled with love and hard work.

Peaceful Meals with Monks We also have kind monks to thank for some yummy Chinese food. They didn't eat meat, so they made amazing dishes with tofu and mushrooms. These peaceful meals were full of good vibes and remind us to eat healthy stuff, too.

The Story of Tea Oh, and we can't forget about tea! It's a favorite drink that's been enjoyed for ages in China. When you sip tea in a Chinese restaurant, you're doing just what wise people did a long, long time ago. It's like a warm, cozy hug in a cup.

A Dash of New with the Old Chinese food today has some new twists, thanks to different ingredients and cool cooking tricks. It's like Chinese food got a fun makeover, but when you take a bite, you can still taste the stories from long ago.

Mapping Out Flavors Looking for that perfect Chinese spot is like drawing a flavor map that connects you to farmers and all the people from the past. Each munch is a dot on a big, yummy map of history.

So, the next time you pop into a Chinese restaurant, think about all the history on your plate. Each dish is not just food; it's a piece of a really big, really old story from a place as wonderful as the stars in the sky.

And that's the magic of Chinese cuisine – it's a mix of old stories and tasty traditions. As you dig into your next meal, remember you're tasting bits of China's long and incredible past. Enjoy your meal or, as folks in China would say, "吃好" (chī hǎo) – eat well!

Chinese History Through Its Culinary Journey |

The Rise of Chinese Cuisine Globally

History of Chinese Food

Get ready to hop into a magical world of Chinese food! This isn't just any kind of food—it's a special mix that's been cooked up for over 5,000 years. Imagine a big, beautiful patchwork quilt, but instead of fabric, it's made of all sorts of tasty dishes from every corner of China. We've got the pop of Sichuan pepper that'll tickle your tongue and the soft, yummy dim sum from Canton that's like a hug for your taste buds. Each dish is like a delicious little story about where it comes from.

A Feast of Flavors: Eating Chinese food is like listening to a cool band, where every flavor is a different instrument playing its part. Think about the crunchy, juicy Peking duck that's been making mouths water in Beijing for ages. Or the exciting Sichuan hot pot that's a party of spicy goodness everyone can share.

A Plate from Every Place: Just like every family has a different way of doing things, each part of China cooks up something special:

  • Sichuan's kitchen is where things get spicy with a big, bold kick.
  • Canton's cooking is like a gentle whisper, where simple tastes shine and everything's cooked just right.
  • Hunan brings comfort, with food that's warm and zesty, but always keeps the flavors playing nice together.

These dishes have gone on an adventure, traveling far and wide, and they've made friends with new flavors and ingredients along the way. It shows us how much everyone loves these tastes and how they can make anywhere feel like home.

Picture yourself strolling through an old street in China, where the air is sweet with spices and you can hear the sizzle of something yummy being cooked. That same delicious air now drifts through cities all over the world, in restaurants that stitch together stories from different places. That's the magic of Chinese food—it's a tasty tale that's been seasoned with history.

Every little bite is a chance to go on an adventure, and each nibble takes you closer to the heart of Chinese stories. It's not just munching on something good; it's munching on history! This food has zigzagged through time, changing a little here, adding a bit there, but always staying yummy, and always bringing people together to share in its yumminess.

As you get ready to find the nearest spot for Chinese food, remember there's a whole story in every spoonful you try. Let those spices and flavors be like a magic carpet ride to another world. Every dish has a tale that's been simmering for centuries.

Why It's Everywhere Now

Have you ever noticed how you can find the yumminess of Chinese food just about everywhere you go? It's like going on a flavor-filled adventure around the planet! This food journey is extra special because it comes from the heart of the Chinese community, who have spread across the world, sharing their delicious traditions and creating a patchwork of tastes that everyone seems to love.

A Whiff of Yummy Everywhere You Go

Think about wandering through a bustling city, maybe in the cozy valleys of Europe or across the wide-open places in the Americas, and guess what? You'll probably spot a Chinese restaurant, glowing like a friendly star in the night. Isn't it amazing that wherever you are, you're never too far from the comforting hug of Chinese food?

A Spoonful of Cozy with Every Bite

Take a moment to think about a plate of fried rice. It's like a concert of flavors all playing together, with a smell that tickles your nose and makes your mouth water. Or those little bundles of happiness called dim sum, each little bite bringing a warm smile from across the seas. These dishes are like a friendly chat with the world, making friends without even needing to talk!

A Big Heart in Every Dish

What's really cool is how Chinese food has traveled and changed, picking up local flavors but still keeping its original magic. It's like the food has learned to speak every food language there is! The fact that you can say 'Chinese restaurant near me' almost anywhere is like a high-five between cultures. It's all about sharing, tasting, and having a yummy time together.

Simple Ingredients, Magical Tastes

Why do people from little kids to grandparents adore Chinese food so much? It might be because it's all about making something wonderful from simple things. This food doesn't need fancy decorations; it's all about the magic of mixing sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and umami into something amazing.

A Delicious Puzzle That Brings Us All Together

Even when the world can feel a bit topsy-turvy, Chinese food is like a delicious puzzle that fits into every corner of our lives. It's this global superstar that's cozied up in the hearts of towns and cities all over. For those who love to travel, munch on new things, or just love eating, finding a Chinese restaurant is like finding a treasure chest full of flavor adventures.

So, when you wonder, "Why is Chinese food everywhere now?" think of it as a beautiful story of travel, change, and a love for food that can make anyone feel at home. The next time you're on the lookout for a 'Chinese restaurant near me,' get ready to dive into a story that's being cooked up all over the world, one delicious dish at a time.

History of Chinese Food with

Using to Locate Chinese Restaurant near me

Finding the perfect Chinese restaurant might seem daunting, especially in a new city. But thanks to FREE Trial of, this task is as easy as pie!

Top 5 Chinese dishes

Here are the five most revered Chinese dishes, savored in eateries from Shanghai to San Francisco. As a traveler, let these dishes be your compass to the best Chinese dining experiences.

  1. Peking Duck: This is not just a meal; it's a ceremony. The duck, famed for its crispy skin and succulent meat, is often presented before being expertly sliced. Each morsel, swathed in a thin pancake with scallions and hoisin sauce, is a harmonious blend of textures and tastes. It's a dish steeped in history, hailing from the imperial tables of ancient Beijing.
  2. Kung Pao Chicken: Dive into the spice-infused world of Kung Pao Chicken, a jubilant medley of tender chicken cubes, crunchy peanuts, and the bold kick of Sichuan peppercorns. The heat of chili peppers dances with the dish's gentle sweetness, making each bite a vibrant tug-of-war on the palate.
  3. Dim Sum: This isn't just a dish; it's a collection of happiness, tucked inside little steamed baskets. Dim Sum offers an assortment from delicate shrimp dumplings to rich, flavorful char siu bao (barbecue pork buns). Each piece is a bite-sized testament to the intricate art of Chinese cooking.
  4. Mapo Tofu: A treasure for those who revel in the tapestry of the Sichuan province's fiery cuisine. Mapo Tofu is a comforting concoction of soft tofu set in a chili and bean-based sauce, often dotted with minced meat. It hums with both the ma of numbing Sichuan peppercorns and the la of sheer spiciness.
  5. Chow Mein: Transcending beyond the ordinary stir-fry, Chow Mein is an amalgamation of tender noodles tossed with a mix of vegetables and your choice of meat, seasoned with the sweet and savory notes of soy and oyster sauces. It's a staple that showcases the heart of Chinese fast cooking while being endlessly customizable to your taste.

These dishes serve as a testament to China's vast culinary landscape, each dish whispering the tales of the region it hails from. As you peruse the menu of your next Chinese dining endeavour, let these iconic dishes be your guide to an authentic feast. Their popularity is not just a fad; it's a reflection of centuries of culinary perfection. Choosing any of these top-tier dishes will ensure a dining experience that's both delightful to the taste buds and enlightening to the soul. Bon appétit or, as you would hear in the bustling eateries of China, "qǐng màn yòng" – enjoy your meal slowly.

Top Tips for Picking the Best Chinese Restaurants

Check Reviews and Ratings

Embarking on a culinary journey in search of the finest Chinese eateries can be akin to exploring a treasure-laden dragon's lair – it's an adventure filled with the promise of exotic flavors and delightful experiences. To aid in this quest, consider the counsel of seasoned gourmands and the collective wisdom found within the tapestry of online testimonials.

  1. Seek out the Voices of Experience: Dive into the ocean of online reviews, where seasoned diners share tales of their gastronomic quests. These accounts are nuggets of truth, offering a panoramic view of what awaits your palate. Look for recurring themes in these narratives, as they often illuminate the quintessence of the restaurant's offerings.
  2. Rating Reflections: Ratings are the compass by which we navigate the vast culinary seas. A high score often signals a port worth docking at, where the gustatory delights may exceed expectations. However, be wary of extremes – both the giddy heights of perfection and the abysmal lows. A balanced middle ground often harbors the most reliable harbors of taste.
  3. Harmonize Reviews with Your Taste Buds: Remember, the symphony of someone else's taste may not always be in tune with yours. Read between the lines to discern if the praised dishes align with your flavor preferences. It's a dance of compatibility, where the right partner can elevate the experience to new heights.
  4. The Art of Discernment: As you peruse these personal epics of culinary triumphs and defeats, engage your inner sleuth. Learn to distinguish the genuine critic's pen from the biased quill of a fleeting patron. Authentic critiques shine with the light of specificity and constructive detail.
  5. The Narrative of Numbers: While a solitary review can be the echo of an outlier's experience, the narrative unfolds when many voices chorus in unison. A pattern of satisfaction or discontent often emerges in the collective recounting of dining stories.

Venture forth, then, armed with the wisdom distilled from the experiences of many, as you navigate the rich and vibrant landscape of Chinese cuisine. Let these insights be your guide as you compose your own chapter in the ever-expanding anthology of culinary exploration.

Consider the Menu

Embarking on a culinary journey through the best Chinese restaurants, one must savor the tapestry of flavors that this rich cuisine has to offer. Your taste buds will thank you for diving into the classics while also embracing the unknown with enthusiastic curiosity.

  1. The Essentials: Every Chinese eatery worth its salt will boast a selection of cornerstone dishes that promise a genuine taste of tradition. You'll find the likes of succulent dumplings, each a tender pouch of joy, nestled in steam baskets, ready to burst with flavor at your first bite. Slurp-worthy noodles, supple and springy, offer a comforting embrace, whether steeped in a hearty broth or tossed in a sizzling wok.
  2. Vegetarian's Delight: Amidst the sizzle and steam, the vibrant stir-fried vegetables emerge as a colorful ode to the plant kingdom. These dishes are not mere sides but stand proud with flavors bold and textures varied, from the crisp snap of a green bean to the soft, earthy comfort of mushrooms.
  3. Adventurer's Choice: Beyond the familiar, the menu likely hides gems waiting to be unearthed by the gastronomic adventurer. Dare to sample the unknown. Perhaps a plate of spicy Sichuan pickles that dance a fiery tango on the palate or a serving of delicate lotus root that crunches with a refreshing surprise.

When exploring the offerings, consider these three tips to guide your selection:

  • Balance is Key : A harmonious meal will have a bit of everything. Pair the zing of tangy sauces with the mellow sweetness of char siu pork.
  • Seasonal Sensations : Inquire about seasonal specials. These are the dishes where fresh ingredients shine, reflecting the essence of the moment.
  • Local Favorites : Always ask the staff for their recommendations. These choices are often the heart of the restaurant, steeped in local flavors and culinary pride.

A truly enriching dining experience awaits those who approach the menu with both reverence for the classics and a zest for discovery. As you navigate the myriad of choices, let your senses lead and be open to the delightful surprises that Chinese cuisine can offer. Bon appétit, or as you might hear whispered between the clinking of chopsticks, "Zhù nǐ wèikǒu hǎo"—may you have a good appetite!

Top 5 Chinese dishes with

Look for Authenticity

To weave through the maze of options, consider these signposts:

  1. Origins of the Chefs - The person behind the wok often tells a story as rich as the cuisine itself. Seek establishments where the chefs hail from the vast landscapes of China. They are the custodians of taste, their hands shaping more than dough—they sculpt the very essence of tradition.
  2. Cooking Techniques - It's in the sizzle of the wok, the gentle steam rising from bamboo baskets, and the meticulous marination of meats. Authenticity whispers in the details of how food is prepared. Look for restaurants where they honor time-honored methods, where the magic of the meal lies not just in the ingredients but in the ancestral ways they are brought together.
  3. Simplicity in Sophistication - True authenticity doesn't shout; it's often found in the simplest of places. A restaurant doesn't need to be swathed in red lanterns or dragon motifs to be genuinely Chinese. Sometimes, it's the unassuming corner spot where food speaks the language of authenticity.
  4. Presentation with a Purpose - When your meal arrives, observe the arrangement. Authentic Chinese dining is an art form, presenting not just a meal but a story on a plate. The colors, the placement, everything has significance and follows a cultural blueprint that has been passed down through generations.

To the discerning traveler, these indicators serve as a compass to gastronomic truth. An authentic Chinese restaurant is a treasure trove of culinary delights, where each dish is a chapter in China's vast culinary narrative, waiting to be explored and savored. Keep these tips close, and you'll unearth the genuine article—a place where your taste buds can embark on an adventure as enthralling as the Great Wall itself.

Uncommon Chinese Dishes to Discover

  1. Dragon's Beard Candy – A Delightful Whisk of History and Sugar Picture a street lined with lanterns, and amidst the hustle, a vendor spins a glossy concoction akin to fairy floss. Dragon's Beard Candy is an ancient confection, akin to the western candy floss, but with a twist of oriental mystique. Akin to edible spun silk, this traditional treat melds maltose syrup into fine threads, cocooning a core of peanuts, sesame, and coconut. It's not just a sweet, but a performance, watching the strands come to life in the vendor's skilled hands.
  2. Beggar's Chicken – An Epicurean Tale Wrapped in Clay A dish with a legend as tantalizing as its flavors, Beggar's Chicken involves a whole chicken, stuffed with herbs and lotus seeds, then encased in clay before it's roasted to succulent perfection. Unveiling it at your table is like unearthing a culinary treasure; the clay shell cracks open to reveal tender meat, fragrant and steaming. It's a theatrical spectacle for the senses, reminiscent of an ancient gastronomic practice turned into an art form.
  3. Stinky Tofu – A Pungent Encounter The name might make you wary, but stinky tofu is a beloved street food delicacy that promises a surprise for the daring palate. Its robust aroma heralds a crisp exterior giving way to a soft, creamy heart, often accompanied by a zesty sauce. This dish is a testament to the adventurous spirit of Chinese cuisine, a plunge into depths of flavor that's boldly unforgettable.
  4. Thousand-Year-Old Eggs – A Timeless Delicacy Don't let the name misguide you; these eggs haven't seen a millennium pass. Preserved in a mixture of clay, ash, and quicklime for weeks to months, these eggs transform into a jelly-like delicacy with a creamy, pungent core. It's a sensory riddle, a dish that defies expectation and offers a unique window into the vastness of Chinese culinary tradition.
  5. Snake Soup – A Warming Whisper of the Exotic In the cooler months, snake soup emerges as a cherished comfort dish, weaving warmth into every spoonful. This luxurious soup, often simmered with chrysanthemum leaves and lemongrass, delivers a delicate broth rich with gentle strands of snake meat. It's a dish that speaks of bravery and the embrace of the unfamiliar, a soothing melody of flavors that's been savored for generations.

Each of these dishes is a stanza in the poem of Chinese culinary artistry. They beckon the traveler to venture beyond the common path, to taste the heritage and innovation nestled within China's vast gastronomic landscape. As you meander through the streets in search of a restaurant, let curiosity be your guide. Each establishment holds its own secrets, recipes passed down like whispered legends, waiting to be discovered.

Benefits of Chinese Cuisine

Health Advantages

Exploring the myriad of Chinese culinary delights promises not only an adventure for your taste buds but a bounty of health benefits too. As you embark on this voyage of flavors at a local Chinese restaurant, here's a tapestry of reasons why choosing dishes from this ancient cuisine can be a boon for your well-being.

  1. Freshness at the Forefront : Authentic Chinese cooking prides itself on using ingredients that are plucked from the earth's bosom at their peak. Imagine crisp vegetables, herbs kissed by the morning dew, and seafood that seems to leap from the ocean straight to the steamer. It's not just about the symphony of flavors; it's the vitality these ingredients bring to your plate.
  2. A Minimally Oiled Canvas : Unlike other cuisines that might drown their dishes in fats, Chinese culinary artistry often requires just a whisper of oil. This isn't just a technique; it's a philosophy. Whether it's a quickly tossed stir-fry or delicately simmered broth, the dishes allow the natural essence of the ingredients to shine, sparing your body from excessive oils.
  3. Steamed to Perfection : Consider the steamed fish, a staple that exemplifies Chinese culinary wisdom. Here, the fish is not merely cooked; it is gently coaxed to tenderness, absorbing a medley of ginger, scallions, and soy's subtle aromas. This method preserves nutrients and ensures you're dining on a dish that's as wholesome as it is succulent.
  4. The Stir-Fried Spectrum : Venture into the vibrant world of stir-fried vegetables and you'll find more than just a feast for the eyes. Each bite is a burst of antioxidants and vitamins essential for a health shield. It's a simple dish, transformed into a mosaic of nutrition through swift, fiery woks that seal in both flavor and goodness.
  5. Taste with Purpose : Every meal in Chinese cuisine carries a sense of intention. There's an inherent balance - not just of tastes, but also of health benefits. A harmony of ingredients that's been fine-tuned over centuries, leading to meals that nourish as much as they delight.

In a nutshell, a sojourn to a nearby Chinese restaurant isn't just a culinary indulgence; it's a chance to treat your body to a spread of dishes steeped in healthful tradition. And as you savor each dish, remember that it's a legacy of wellness that has been savored through generations – now on your plate, ready to be relished.

Variety of Flavors

As you wander through the mosaic of aromas in a Chinese restaurant, prepare for an epicurean voyage that's both intriguing and delightful. Chinese cuisine, renowned for its breadth of tastes, beckons the adventurous palate with an assortment of flavors that are as varied as they are satisfying.

  1. Sweet and Sour : This classic contrast is not just a dance of sugar and vinegar but a symphony. The sweetness, often derived from honey or fruit juices, cavorts with the tartness of vinegar, creating a melody on the tongue that's cherished globally.
  2. Spicy Delights : For those who favor a bit of zing, dishes laced with Sichuan peppercorns or fiery chilies will ignite your taste buds. Each mouthful is an awakening, a lively festivity of heat that is not just felt but savored.
  3. The Umami Quest : Often termed the 'fifth taste,' umami is a savory depth that enriches each dish it graces. Ingredients like soy sauce and fermented bean paste impart this elusive flavor, which brings a heartiness to meals that is both complex and comforting.
  4. Earthy Greens : In the shadow of bolder flavors, the subtle, verdant notes of Chinese greens like bok choy and water spinach offer a gentle repose. These vegetables are often lightly sautéed, ensuring their innate flavors are not overshadowed but respectfully highlighted.
  5. Aromatic Herbs and Spices : Cinnamon, star anise, and ginger are the trio often enlisted to bestow a warming aroma. They don't just flavor the dish but summon an olfactory bliss, making the dining experience as aromatic as it is gustatory.

Every plate served is not merely food but a narrative woven with spices and seasonings. It invites you, the traveler, to a taste-laden odyssey where every morsel is an exploration, a discovery of provinces and traditions. The Chinese table is a canvas, and the multitude of flavors are its vibrant palette.

As you delve into the delectable world of Chinese flavors, remember: each dish is an invitation to experience a culture that prides itself on the art of culinary diversity. This excursion of taste is not just about saying hunger; it's about storytelling through every bite.

Benefits of Chinese Cuisine |

Cultural Experience

When one steps through the door of a Chinese eatery, it's akin to being whisked away to a different realm, one where every sense is engaged in a cultural ballet. Here's how a simple meal becomes a voyage into the heart of China:

  1. Ambiance : Before the first morsel touches your lips, the ambiance greets you. Red lanterns may sway gently, dragons might adorn walls, and the soft strains of a guzheng can play in the background. This setting is a prelude to the feast and festivity that awaits.
  2. Culinary Delights : As for the food itself, each dish is a testament to centuries-old traditions. You might start with delicate dumplings, each pleat a testament to the chef's expertise. Move on to Peking duck, with skin so crisp it whispers tales of imperial banquets.
  3. Tea Time : Amidst the clatter of chopsticks, there's the tranquility of the tea ceremony. This isn't just a beverage; it's a ritual. Sipping Oolong, one tastes not just the leaves, but the misty mountains of Fujian.
  4. Connection : Dining in a Chinese restaurant is an invitation to connect. You're not merely a guest; you're part of a community, sharing food from common plates, an act that's a metaphor for shared lives and stories.
  5. Discovery : And then, there are the surprises for the uninitiated—like a fiery Sichuan dish that dances on the tongue, or the sweet, subtle finish of a red bean dessert that lingers like a fond memory.

In essence, to dine at a Chinese restaurant near me is to traverse continents without leaving your seat. It's to immerse in a tradition steeped in history, to partake in a ritual that is at once foreign and familiar. So, whether it's the vibrant tapestry of flavors, the harmony of the surroundings, or the shared joy of a communal table, this experience is an exploration—an exploration of taste, of tradition, of connection. It's not just a meal; it's a passage through the soul of a culture. And this passage, full of simplicity and delight, is a cherished narrative, ready to be unfolded by any traveler on the culinary road less traveled.


How can I identify an authentic Chinese restaurant?

Look for traditional decor, chefs with a background in Chinese culinary arts, and a diverse menu.

Why should I use for finding a restaurant?

A FREE Trial of offers a tailored experience using AI, ensuring you get the best recommendations based on your preferences.

Are all Chinese restaurants similar?

No, Chinese cuisine varies by region. A Cantonese restaurant will differ significantly from a Sichuan one.

Can I trust online reviews when selecting a restaurant?

While reviews give an insight, always combine them with other factors like personal preferences and recommendations from platforms like

Why is Chinese food so popular globally?

The rich history, diverse flavors, and adaptability of Chinese cuisine make it a favorite worldwide.

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